Office Etiquette Rule Number 1: Don't Splash Others in the Pool

Etiquette Rule Number 1: Don't Splash Others in the Pool

When you splash people in the pool, the natural tendency is for the other person to splash back, only harder, with more water, and longer. And once they are done returning the favor, they are looking over their shoulder to see if you are going to come after them or if you learned your lesson. And the next time you are in the pool, the other person remembers what you did, and is on guard to to deliver a return salvo that will drown you.

When you splash, you look like you have no agility, and worse, like you don't have class.

The worse splash is splashing others behind their backs. That's chicken. It shows bad form. Now if there is a splash fight, I am not saying don't splash back--but you may want to remember--like in the pool--there are no winners in a splashing contest.

The lesson? Don't splash others. Be mindful. No one likes to be splashed.

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