Office Etiquette Rule Number 2: A Business is Like a Small Town

Etiquette Rule Number 2: A Business is like a Small Town

When you are driving in a small country town, a lot of times people will wave. This is not like some of the big towns. If anyone lifts their hand off their steering wheel, the last thing you'll get is a wave.

Why do people wave in small towns? Well, I believe they are being neighborly. This mean friendly. They figure they will run into you at church, the local supermarket, or their parents know your parents, or you all know each other by some friendship or distant cousin.

People don't cut each other off in small towns, curse, and wave the magic finger in anger when driving. Nor do they try to get in the shortest line at the grocery store or fight over a parking space, or beep the horn when the person in front of them is trying to decide to go left or right. Why? No one wants to be ostracized in small town USA.

Treat everyone in your office as if you are in a small town, whether you are in Mobile Alabama, or New York City, or in Livonia Georgia.  When you are genuinely nice and courteous to others in the office, word gets around:  He is a gentlemen. She is a lady. Civility is nice. Professionalism is critical.  And word gets around--especially when you are not nice.

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