Office Etiquette Rule Number 10: Learn Leadership Skills

Etiquette Rule Number 10: Learn Leadership Skills

No matter what your position--look, sound, and act like a leader. Leadership skills makes you relevant. Learn team building, learn motivation, learn how to sound like a leader and be a leader. This doesn't mean you have to be in charge, look in charge, and take testosterone shots. Far from it. In fact, contrary to what many may think, leadership can often be the opposite. It means working together, collaborating, as colleagues, to attain the objective.

Managing and leading are not the same. They are vastly different. Leadership is about how you work with people and being competent in your craft.

What can you do to learn leadership is something I get asked. Study the great books on leadership. When I mean study--go get them from the library or Amazon. Don't just read them--take out a notebook and copy the key passages and points down. Read and reread the words you copied down until you get the core principles. Study books on great leaders. Learn what they had to do to overcome their obstacles. Become a person of distinction.

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