Office Etiquette Rule Number 5: Don't Promote Yourself

Etiquette Rule Number 5: Don't Promote Yourself.

Draw people in. Attraction is much more powerful than self-promotion. Attraction seems harder and seems to take longer. But this is not the case. Allow people to see how good you are.

When you toot your own horn, people don't want you to play it in their band or their party. Promoting yourself has been the bane of several successful books. People have become masters at subtly promoting themselves. Watch out for those moments when you think you are subtly promoting how great you are. People see these attempts as foolish behavior.

They come in long emails explaining how you discovered the Earth is round or how you have done a closer examination of Newton's Theory of Gravity and it's a game changer.

It's also when you wait to hear what everyone else is saying in a meeting, and you know you have a trump card that makes everyone else look like dolts.

Be good at what you do. Become competent first before you even try to blow a horn. At least learn how to play the horn. And when you feel compelled to tell everyone how great you are, stop and look to see why you feel compelled to do this. Do you feel you are missing or lacking something? This is often the case whenever we look outside ourselves for praise and glory and the commendation of others.

Don't be "one of those people" who is always looking for ways to promote themselves and make themselves look good in the eyes of others.

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