Office Etiquette Rule Number 9: Set High Expectations

Etiquette Rule Number 9: Set High Expectations

People don't want to be unrecognized. Everyone wants to be appreciated. I get it--some people want praise, some people want gifts, and people want to make a good living. But these things should not come at the expense of someone else. This is a form of robbery.

People, good workers, want the bar set high. I was talking to a Union official a while ago. He said, "Do you know what people want more than money?" Now this through me off. I thought Unions were all about higher wages--money. He said, "They want respect for their work." He said this was more important than the money. I thought about it and I agree.

Everyone wants to feel good about what they do. It's a part of them. When you set high expectations you are sending a message. The message is you expect the people can perform at a higher level than what they are doing now. Do something well, is performance. It's a competency. The competent are respected.

Set high expectations and watch the respect for one another flourish. Respect and expectations are a cousins. If you want respect, act with respect--be respectful and respecting.  Expect respect. If you don't think you are getting it--stop and see what you are doing or not doing to get that respect. Start with yourself first.

The worst kind of expectations is not to respect others but then expect respect in return.

Pay hommage to others' hard work--recognize them. And expect the best of others. This is a form of respect.

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