Office Etiquette Rule Number 13: Avoid Go No Where People (Like the plague)

Office Etiquette Rule Number 13: Avoid Go No Where People (Like the plague) 

I have heard very smart people, people who have Masters and PhDs, who were very negative and distrustful and looked for ways to screw others. These people at one point worked in areas that were involved in helping others who were indigent. I guess these people saw a lot of things and became very distrusting of mankind (don't tell me womankind or people kind--it doesn't work as a word here).

One senior-level woman said to me after a meeting with another person she didn't like, "We learned how paranoid she is. You should use that against her." I looked at her with as much unemotion as I possibly could, because I was floored that anyone actually thought that way. Now that must suck to live life like that, because it means you are thinking that others have found something out about you and you are constantly on guard.

Now, I am not all daisies and buttercups. But I do think positive things. I believe I am this way most the time. I expect the best from others. Maybe they disappoint me, but my rationalization for thinking this way is that if I am negative and expect the worst from people, I am setting myself up for failure and most importantly, having an attitude and a way of seeing the world that contributes to promoting a miserable life.

Let's get into office etiquette. I believe what is missing in many environments is a code of conduct. Office etiquette rules and guidelines can serve as a backdrop to a code of office conduct. Office etiquette rules are things your mother never probably taught you, but if she could, these are rules she would have used and taught you if she had worked in such an office.

In the end, the organization becomes goes from myopic to me-opic.  And eventually implodes.

You have to be on the lookout for organizations like this. And if there isn't any leadership, get the hell out of Dodge. And be in a hurry. Tomorrow isn't soon enough. Why?  Because you soon pick up the traits of others--usually the bad others. And these are traits you don't ever want to pick up.

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