No Client Wants To Be Upstaged or Worse - Look Bad

No client wants to be upstaged. Worse, is the fear of looking bad. Every consultant or professional, providing high-level solutions, needs to insure the client he or she will not be embarrassed if they hire you for a project.

This is the number one fear or concern, behind whether you can do the work.

To get around this, you must demonstrate through competence and professionalism, your desire to keep things confidential on all matters - and that if there are issues or problems, these will be addressed privately with the person who has hired you and is ultimately responsible for the outcome you are to produce.

How do you get around, over and through this hurdle I am often asked? First, do what you say you will do. By doing what you say you will do, you build confidence. You demonstrate your ability to get things done and follow up on promises. While not directly related to the hurdle of never exposing the client, it is related to it's core foundational root - that is trust. You are building up trust. This means, if you are to a be at a meeting at 3PM, you are at the meeting at 3PM, not a second after, no matter what happens.

Second, never ever tell tales out of school. This means, never ever tell the current client about another client's problems or issues or incompetence's.

Third, begin by complimenting clients for the things that they do well. Do it often. This helps to reduce this common fear of the consultant or professional will "expose all the weaknesses we have." Everyone has weaknesses and problems. Sometimes an organization is "lucky" to have in place what they have.

Like the old joke of the farmer telling the traveling preacher, "You should have seen the farm when God had it by himself."

When you do find a problem, make an appointment with the person who hired you and your firm. Ask for 10 minutes, provide your finding, explain the risk and how it can be fixed. And move on.

The client will not see you as just a problem-seeker trying to promote further more work.

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