Consultants - Client Conflicts - Deal With Them Immediately

No matter what the project, there will always be a client conflict. It may be unstated, but somewhere a long the line, you will run into a problem. It can be a minor issue, or a major issue. And almost invariably, the problem will take a turn toward a human conflict.

In all conflicts, deal with them immediately and unemotionally. Deal with them as you perceive it, and state it as such. Say, "It is my perception that this is a problem." Try not to make it personal. Try to leave room for the person to save face. Taking responsibility for the problem by stating it as "your perception" may deflate the conflict and allow for a discussion.

State clearly the ramifications of the problem and how it impacts business. Carefully consider doing this even if the problems were all or partially the client's doings , but remember the customer is always right.

Again, you will reinforce professionalism by hitting it head-on and unemotionally. It will show that you are interested in doing the job right. It will show that it is not just about making money for you. And that you give clients more than their money's worth.

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