Focus On Benefits With Current Clients

When selling a project or solution to a prospective, new client, we remember to point out benefits and advantages. You know how important benefits and advantages are to demonstrating your solution's value to the new prospect. So, if we know the importance of benefits and advantages, why is it that we forget its importance when talking to current clients?

When we talk to clients we tend to forget that clients need to be reminded of the advantages of the services and solutions we provide. We overlook the reasons to buy, and assume the client understands the benefits "automatically" because they already know us and what it is we provide.

But it is just as important to focus on the benefits of the solution with past or current clients as it is with prospective clients. No matter what you are proposing, you should always look for the benefit or advantage to the organization.

Remember that clients are always more interested in the benefits of your services than they are with how your solution works or how it is put together.

Always focus on the benefits of the solution, by looking at the advantages, the "reason why" they should buy now and from you.

Never all the client to guess what the benefits will be.

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