Get To Know The Client's Business

Learn about your client's business as much as possible. Learn what is important to the client's business. Know how each the business units operate and how they contribute to the overall goals of the company. Know the company's growth businesses - that is - where the company sees it's revenues coming from over the next 5 years is critical to your getting aligned to the right business units and the right people.

Knowing how the client's business operates, how the decisions get made, and who makes certain decisions is critical. Understand the politics of the organization. Who is getting the funding? What are they getting funding for? While you may have a copy of an organizations chart, you need to understand the invisible organization chart. The invisible organization chart is who goes to whom - outside of the boxes - to gain approval and agreement.

The best way for you to be successful is for you to meet and get to know as many people as possible inside the company. Really listen and look for other consulting service opportunities within the client's enterprise. The best thing for you to hear is that there is a problem and it is costing the company business and/or costs.

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