Office Etiquette Rule Number 12: Don't Ever Gossip, Ever

Etiquette Rule Number 12: Don't Ever Gossip, Ever

Don't hang around the water cooler and listen for "Did you hear what John did?" It's negativity in the form curiosity and taking pleasure at someone else's demise or mistakes.

If you are in an organization or a boss that is not tolerant of mistakes (tolerant means: what did we learn, how can we avoid repeating the past, how do we use this to attain our objective), you are in a very weak organization, headed by weak managers. Note, I said managers, not leaders.

Leaders know the breakthroughs come about by trying new things and failing--temporarily at least. Then dusting yourself off, getting back on your feet, and going one more round.

When people are talking about someone else, stop the conversation if you can, turn it to something else, or just walk away. Complaining about the new expense report system is just not going to help you in your attainment of your day-to-day objectives.

Gossip is a disguise of negativity and condemnation of a person. It leads to judgment, distancing yourself from others, and becoming intolerable.

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