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You have to read a lot to stay at the top of your game. It is a must. From this day forward, I want you to consider reading material from two vantage points. First, staying at the top of your field and knowing what trends and issues are developing in your marketplace.

The second perspective is this: read material with an eye toward how the material will help your clients and prospects. Then, when you are completed reading and making notes, or tear out these pages from the magazines or journals and make copies of them and the and send them to your clients and prospects. If you are reading these online, send the link with a note highlighting certain aspects of the article.

You will be amazed at two things that happen. First, you are forcing yourself to see things from the client's perspective. Seeing things from the client's perspective is a skill we need to hone every single day. Nothing else matters other than how our clients are doing and how they think they know us. This leads to the second amazing thing that will happen. And that is this: Your clients will be absolutely astonished that you think about them and their well-being. So many times, clients become jaundiced, because whenever you seem to show up is around the time when they have a need or a problem and when they have money to spend to fix the problem and address their need. (This of course better be true to some extent by the way!!!)

But through reading and taking notes, and sending these articles and notes to your clients, you will be seen differently than your competitors. This little act separates you from the pack. It identifies you as someone who is staying at the top of their game AND thinking about your clients and prospects in a completely different manner.

So, cull your reading material for information that is of interest to a current client, previous clients and prospective clients. Send the information so the article or report or whatever it is, lands on the desks by Tuesday or Wednesday. Or in that next meeting about the status of your current project, you can turn a dull dried out meeting into something different. By bringing the information to them, you are letting them know that you thought it would be of interest to them and their particular responsibilities and you care about their success. You will reinforce that you have their interests in mind. And it is yet another way to stay "top of mind" with them.

Good Luck - Joe

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