Out of Sight, Out of Business

Never ever make the mistake of thinking the relationship will be "good enough" that the client will call you if he or she has a need. Never ever expect the client to do the job you are supposed to do by reconnecting when they have a problem or issue that you can solve.

"Out of sight, out of mind" is the expression we all know too well. But here's my expression for professionals, "Out of sight, out of mind, outta business."

Re-connect with your past clients on a regular basis. Find "reasons" to contact the client every two to three months. Especially just following the conclusion of a completed project. Your reason to this is of course, to ensure that what you have done is still working.

If things are not working the way you or your client wanted them to work, what an ample opportunity to demonstrate your follow through and commitment to the client's success by making a follow-up visit! Be, prepared to "fix" them for the client free of charge if the problem results from the work you performed.

This will demonstrate that you truly have the client's interests in mind, will cement her trust in you and will lead to repeat business almost certainly.

When you do this, the client will become an advocate for you, and in all likelihood, look for ways to repay you with new business or become a great reference for you.

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